Testing off artwork title characteristics out of Croatian and you will Eu universities Websites and you may Hofstede’s proportions

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  • Testing off artwork title characteristics out of Croatian and you will Eu universities Websites and you may Hofstede’s proportions
Testing off artwork title characteristics out of Croatian and you will Eu universities Websites and you may Hofstede’s proportions

What number of website links some other institutions or perhaps to social support systems and photos on the Other sites try 1134; the best number is within School of Zagreb (288) and low during the College out of Pula (23).

The highest numbers of hyperlinks towards social support systems are present in School from Dubrovnik (8) – Myspace, Fb and you may YouTube. To your University regarding Pula Websites there are not any website links to social media sites. Facebook is generally present towards the Croatian colleges Other sites (27), next Fb (18), escort girl Chattanooga YouTube (12), Yahoo and LinkedIn (2), and you will, eventually, Flickr (1).

This new visual name off informative business can be found towards the 93 or 72.7% off Other sites as coating from hands. Symbol, as an element of artwork name, is available for the 56 or 43.8% out-of Other sites. An artwork label instructions (i.elizabeth., a manual taking direction for using graphic name points) exists to the merely cuatro otherwise step 3.1% off Websites.

New visual properties of Croatian universities Websites was basically next compared to those of other countries regarding the research take to which had a good factor within the each one of Hofstede’s size (Dining table 4).

Croatia and fuel distance dimensions

Croatia was highest an electrical energy range country (73) in addition to Pearson Chi-Squared shot indicates a change anywhere between Croatia and you will Austria (that has a reduced Fuel length – 11) into the animation or artwork points on Websites (Table 5) as well as in societal point toward figurative photographs off people (Table twenty four) which have p=0.100000.

Romania is extremely high-power point country (90). When compared to Croatia, you will find a big change regarding the level of coats of palms on websites (Desk six).

Croatia and you can individualism compared to. collectivism aspect

Croatia is collectivistic area (33) therefore the Pearson Chi-Squared take to shows a difference between Croatia and Greece, which has nearly equivalent rating for the collectivism (35), into the amount of photos from people and you can artefacts on websites, inside position and societal length regarding individuals to the figurative pictures and you can from inside the presence off applications out-of possession and you can cartoon or visual points (Dining table 7 and 8).

France was an incredibly personal community (71) when compared with Croatia, and you will statistically high differences was listed from inside the website symmetry, along with modality, exposure from coats of hands: p=0.one hundred thousand (Table nine) and you will figurative photographs from individuals p=0.002 in addition to their position: p=0.000 (Dining table ten).

Croatia together with femininity vs. maleness dimensions

Croatia is fairly feministic neighborhood (40). When comparing to very feministic Sweden (5), a mathematically significant difference are noted on figurative photos from individuals and their gender (Table eleven). In comparison to extremely male Hungary (88), a mathematically factor was noted on figurative photos of individuals as well as their public distance (Dining table several).

Croatia and uncertainty cures dimension (short-label vs. long-label orientation)

Croatia is actually highest suspicion protection nation (80). Brand new Pearson Chi-Squared try shows a big difference anywhere between Croatia and you may Ireland (35) from inside the Web page direction and constitution: p=0.000, p=0.001 (Table thirteen).

Croatia and pragmatism against normative dimension

Croatia are practical society (58). In comparison with Germany (83), mathematically significant difference is actually listed on figurative images of individuals – social length and you may standing, p= 0.001 (Table 14), in the icons, coats from fingers (p=0.00), web page structure, p=0.001 as well as in quantity of backlinks (Desk fifteen).

In comparison to Ireland (24), a statistically significant difference try listed on kind of figurative images as well as on web page symmetry (Dining table 16), and on figurative photographs out-of individuals – public distance and you will updates (Desk 17) that have p=0.000.

Croatia and the indulgence against. restraint measurement

Croatia was a discipline nation (33). Cultural Websites properties was in contrast to large extravagance Sweden (78) and large restraint country Latvia (13). Mathematically extreme variations is actually listed a number of qualities when comparing to Sweden (Dining tables 18, 19, 20).