This departs Physical Attributes just like the tertiary, and that serves Veronica’s layout perfectly – she’s a partner, maybe not an effective combatant

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  • This departs Physical Attributes just like the tertiary, and that serves Veronica’s layout perfectly – she’s a partner, maybe not an effective combatant
This departs Physical Attributes just like the tertiary, and that serves Veronica’s layout perfectly – she’s a partner, maybe not an effective combatant

Lynn intends to be involved in Justin’s the newest Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle. Justin tells Lynn the chronicle targets the latest activities out of the fresh new Camarilla in Chicago a few years immediately after a disastrous werewolf assault one triggered the final Fatalities of many Kindred. He informs Lynn you to characters regarding chronicle is Camarilla or friendly independents (even in the event Justin’s maybe not opposed to which have good Sabbat spy during the deep shelter as a part of the fresh new coterie), and you may hand the girl a copy of one’s reputation piece.

She enjoys the newest intrigue and you can high-people aspect of the Camarilla, and you can pire which rubs arms and you may curries choose having Chicago’s important Kindred and you may kine

Looking at the description, Lynn kicks around tactics and starts the entire process of turning those ideas toward an entire-fledged reputation.

Lynn’s basic duty should be to make an idea getting the lady profile. With a flair into tragic, Lynn find one the girl profile is the history scion off a great once-prominent members of the family that has slow but inexorably slid towards refuse. Envisioning a modern-day spin into ’20s flapper socialite archetype, Lynn in addition to establishes you to definitely the girl profile is pretty keen from the team and loans. Clan Ventrue is the visible possibilities, but Lynn establishes you to this lady character are a good Toreador, to add other spin.

Simply a bona fide crackpot perform label their character shortly after themselves (talk about Freudian. ), therefore Lynn establishes you to their reputation goes on the nickname away from Veronica Abbey-Roth.

She iable and superficial – that hide the brand new smart strong under the surface

Lynn takes into account Veronica’s Characteristics and you may Attitude. Their Temperament – your face she gift suggestions to the world – was Gallant, in order to echo a keen unlife spent largely from inside the Camarilla salons and you may parties. Lynn identifies you to Veronica’s providers acumen necessitates an inner push and you can take-charges technique of addressing items; she decides Director for the character’s Characteristics. She including observes an opportunity for almost all expert roleplaying in selecting a good headstrong Archetype – imagine how each one of these influential Kindred having exactly who she hobnobs commonly address a great brash young community king!

As the an effective Capire, Lynn’s reputation defaults to your moral code out-of Humanity. Lynn sees no problem using this, and you will sectors brand new Humankind Attribute on her behalf character piece.

Lynn need certainly to today prioritize and you can assign Veronica’s Properties. Public Functions take advantage of experience getting an initial group, Lynn grounds, as often most other experience of individuals will get in diplomatic and you may municipal talk. As the Veronica’s second class, Lynn determines Mental, reflecting her studies and you may expertise that have things monetary.

Lynn has 7 dots so you can separate certainly one of Veronica’s Societal Services. Deciding Veronica’s somewhat good looker, Lynn places around three dots in features having a characteristic score away from 4 (recall the one “free” point every profile possess in every Properties). Veronica enjoys a little something special getting someone else to accomplish just what she wishes – several dots go with the this lady Control Feature, providing this lady a rating out of step 3. Veronica’s and likable, typically; Lynn sets the remainder one or two dots into the Charm, giving their good step 3 in this Feature.

Which have five dots so you’re able to assign to Mental Functions, Lynn decides Veronica are a smart, shrewd businesswoman. Getting two dots per with the Intelligence and you will Wits provides Veronica score of step three both in these Faculties. The remainder section goes in Feeling, producing a score off dos.

Choosing Real Characteristics is that’s leftover to end Veronica’s Characteristics. Lynn sees Veronica just like the narrow, willowy and you may lithe, therefore she contributes absolutely nothing to the brand new character’s Fuel, leaving they at the step one, and you may assigns a couple dots in order to Veronica’s Dexterity, resulting in a get from step 3. Eventually, Lynn metropolitan areas the rest Physical mark towards the Power, to possess a score out-of 2.